Our Mission

Strengthening families and transforming communities using trauma-informed education, research-driven innovation, and practical interventions that cultivate parent-child connections, build resilience, and enhance the parent or professionals' work with children from hard places.


Our Vision

Strengthening Families. Transforming Communities.

Good Things Come from Hard Places


Evidence-based, Family-centered, Trauma-Focused, Attachment Centered, Innovative Interventions for Parents, Caregivers and Professionals who love and serve children.

 Meet our Experts

Mia Jones, MA: TBRI Practitioner & Nurture Group Coach

Lithza Pollas, BS|FYCS: COSP Practitioner Intake Specialist

Rebecca Roberts Lautenschlager, M.Ed./Ed.S Registered COS-P Facilitator 

Emily M. Davison, M. S. │Doctoral Candidate YDFS Registered COS-P Facilitator

Connie Pierre-Antoine, MPA│TBRI Practitioner, NMT Practitioner, Registered COS-P Facilitator|

COS-P Classrooms, Nurturing Parenting Facilitator