Our Mission

Enhance awareness, and prevention about how the nature, severity and timing of  adverse experiences changes the child, family and community milieu. Provide therapeutic parent education and workshops that buffer adversity and counterbalance negative childhood experiences.


Our Vision

Strengthening Families. Transforming Communities.

Good Things Come from Hard Places


  • Help for Caregivers and Children who have been exposed to complex trauma using  evidence-based, trauma informed, attachment centered psycho-education and interventions. 


  •  Customizable Programs for Children diagnosed with ADHD using PlayAttention® Biotechnology developed by NASA. Evidenced-Based. Supported by Research.

  • Safe and Sound Protocol (SSP) was developed by Dr. Stephen Porges, the SSP is a five-day auditory intervention designed to reduce stress and auditory sensitivity while enhancing social engagement and resilience. Based on Dr. Porges' Polyvagal Theory, by calming the physiological and emotional state, the door is opened for improved communication and successful intervention. 


We offer Solutions, Support, and Hope for Children & families experiencing ADHD/ADD, Anxiety, social and emotional difficulties, auditory sensitivities, trauma-related challenges, inattention, stressors that impact social engagement.

Hope and Healing are available for children and families who have experienced traumas stemming from, divorce/separation, foster care & adoption.


How Play Attention® Technology Works

Play Attention® is a patented advance of NASA technology. Scientific research has demonstrated that the brain is capable of continual change throughout life. This is termed neuroplasticity.


Over time, Play Attention® students can learn to increase focus and concentration. The interactive exercises challenge the student to achieve new levels of focus and cognitive processing through a special intelligent software feature called Sheer Genius™. Sheer Genius™ helps the student achieve the permanent skills necessary to be successful in the classroom and at home.


Play Attention® allows the user to view their attentive state in real-time. The secret is Play Attention's Body Wave armband that monitors brain activity indicative of attention and cognitive processing. Brain power is used to control movements and progress in the exercises.


During each game, Sheer Genius sits in the background and watches how well your child play.

  • Together we set and prioritize achievable goals for your child’s next session to increase performance along every step.

  • Rewards for both short term and long-term goals are identified as they are essential to the learning process.

  • Sheer Genius™ encourages positive behavior with a banking system of immediately redeemable points for motivation.

  • We also work with parents, and the child’s community to set long term goals to create an environment that teaches delayed gratification and personal goal setting.

  • Sheer Genius™ watches how much attention you can pay. He'll challenge you to pay a little more attention each time. If the program becomes too difficult, it will automatically recommend adjustments to your child’s last truly successful state of attention... and then the challenge is back on!

  • The student become part of his challenging program but are never allowed to fail or become frustrated. This is done through the Sheer Genius™ auto-adjust algorithm, so each session is custom tailored for each student.

If you've tried everything else, we welcome you to try Genesis’ Play Attention Programs.

Even if your student is not struggling, but want the extra edge of peak performance, our programs await!

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