Genesis Family Enrichment Center, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization committed to strengthening families and transforming communities using trauma-informed education, research-driven innovation, and practical, interventions that cultivate parent-child connections, build resilience, and enhance the parent or professionals' work with children from hard places.


We provide trauma-informed psycho-education, parenting classes, consultations, and workshops using evidenced-based approaches that support the neuro-developmental, relational, social-emotional milieu of the child and family.  Empower the brain, body, biology, beliefs, and behaviors of children from hard places.

We believe that good things

come from hard places.

Our parenting interventions include:

  • Neurosequential Model of Therapeutics                                                                    The Neurosequential Model of Therapeutics (NMT) is a developmentally sensitive, neurobiologically informed approach         to clinical problem solving developed by Dr. Bruce Perry.  It is an approach that integrates neurology, and traumatology  The Neurosequential Approach has three components -  Assessment, Consultation/Recommendations and  NMT Training/Capacity Building.

  • Trust-Based Relational Intervention Caregiver Workshops                          If you are parenting a child from a hard place then, traditional parenting will not be sufficient. Learn connection, empowerment      and correction strategies. Gain insight behind willful and survival behaviors and respond accordingly.          

  • Family Nurture Groups:                                                                                            Information is just a rumor until it is practiced. Genesis parent-child groups are designed to build and reinforce muscle-memory      in attachment,  regulation and correction strategies in  both    caregivers and children. 

  • Circle of Security Parenting TM                                                                                            A reflective course that introduces caregivers to the        hidden needs underneath the child's behavior.  Circle of Security Parenting™ offers a clear roadmap to secure attachment between parent and child.

  • Circle of Security Classroom TM  :                                                                          Students  cannot suspend their need for connection/attachment until a parent or caregiver returns to pick them up from  school. Educators can discover the hidden needs underneath the      behaviors in the classroom.

  • Nurturing Parenting Programs (TM)                                                                   Nurturing Parenting Classes for Parents of  Infants, Toddlers             and Preschoolers
    Nurturing Parenting Classes for Parents of School Aged Children        (5-12)

  • AutPlay Therapy Certified Provider                                                               An integrative Family Play Therapy Approach to working with     children with autism spectrum disorder and other developmental disabilities such as ADHD, dysregulation issues and trauma.

  • ADHD/ADD Intervention                                                                                 Genesis FEC utilizes Play Attention, a NASA inspired, evidenced-based technology designed to improve attention and executive functioning. Our program is comprised of a three-pronged       approach: parent-education, neuro-feedback , and parent-child groups to enhance parent-child capacities while addressing ADHD symptoms.  Your child's focus is our attention.

  • Safe and Sound Protocol (SSP)                                                                                       A non-invasive listening therapy for your client’s unique journey to better nervous system regulation. The Safe and Sound Protocol is an evidence-based therapeutic tool designed to             reset the nervous system and return it to safety. The SSP             features specially filtered music that stimulates the vagus nerve.     The SSP has demonstrated benefits for individuals with trauma, anxiety, sensory processing differences, and much more.

  • Alert Boot Camp (A.B.C)                                                                                                     An evidenced-based and practical intervention that     teaches parents/caregivers and children how to recruit external      and internal methods of regulation that increases cognition,    enhances mood and modifies behaviors. 

Therapeutic Parenting Classes  &  Private Family Consultations 

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Organizational Training & Workshops in Trauma-Informed Care,  Neuro-informed workshops, Circle of Security for Teachers & Child Care Providers.

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Therapeutic Parent and Child Groups.
Behaviors is communication spoken in          the  context of relationships. 

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We meet every other month in-person and live via Zoom.

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